The Corona Virus and Battles to Come

Our war on microbes is waged with intellect, common sense and our bodies’ auto immune system. Most of us are satisfied with the balance we have secured with microbes even though we know there are very many more than we can imagine. We can’t beat them, like we have the larger animal populations. We can’t mold them to fit our needs as we have the plants. There are too many and they are continually evolving through time and space along with us.

Go out into your yard or to the nearest green space. See it as habitat that we share with the animals. Contemplate all the animals, microbes, insects, mammals, amphibians, birds, etc. plus the plants. All these living things must maintain a delicate balance to survive. Think about restoring your balance within the natural world. Understand that the animals are vital components and fellow crew on this spaceship we call earth. Our role is to captain this ship and maintain balance with all the life on the planet. This unity of balance can save us. The loss of our connection to one another, and the natural world, can divide us; tear us apart; destroy us.

We are isolated together because we are out of balance with one mysterious life form. Social distancing, to control the infestation, requires us to be apart from one another. No embracing, no sharing of joy or sorrow. Let us learn from this experience and move on.

The Corona virus is hostile to our bodies. Our defenses were caught napping and this virus has invaded us. This invader spreads rapidly and it is tenacious. It will kill some of us and make others of us seriously ill. However, most of us will only experience minor symptoms as we unknowingly pass the pathogen to others

The Corona virus is from the earth. It is invading our bodies. We do battle with this virus for all kinds of good reasons. We are confident that in the end, we will prevail and devise a way to control this virus whenever it enters our bodies. It is a process as old as evolution. Our intellect and our auto immune system will figure out how to control this interloper. The balance will be restored and we will continue sharing the earth with all its creatures including the Corona virus. We will restore the balance because we know that unbalance brings chaos.

The microbes, known as ‘COVID-19’, are doing to us what we have been doing to the larger environment for the past 100 years, making it sick and bankrupting it. We have been frivolous with our resources. We have used the resources of the earth to separate ourselves from it. The natural balance has been disrupted. Our negligence and apathy have pushed the animals away. We have modified the planet to serve our needs.

Microbes, like Covid-19, are instinctual creatures and that is their weakness. Human beings, on the other hand, are rational, intelligent, evolutionary creatures with astounding immune systems designed to defeat pathogens that can harm us. We will


defeat the Corona virus. We will restore the balance between ourselves and this microbe. We have fought this battle since the beginning of our evolution. Casualties could be 3% fatalities and a significant disruption of our communities. This is a great price to pay for our negligent vigilance.

3% doesn’t sound like a lot but it is. When you or someone close to you succumbs to the worst of it, 3% will loom large. The cost alone, of just those severely sickened, will be staggering, and we don’t have the supplies or equipment to handle millions of casualties. But we will learn how to help our bodies identify this pathogen and devise a weapon to kill it. Right now the microbe has the upper hand, but we will defeat it, as we have so many others of its kind before.

Our relationship to microbes is age old and important. These entities are not aliens. They are fellow travelers on spaceship earth. We share this planet with them and all the other animals. When we are in balance with the planets life forms we thrive. When the balance is disturbed our existence, and our way of life, are imperiled.

We can start the healing in our own back yard. Being in nature, and restoring our relationship to the plants and animals will bring balance. The vulnerability we feel, as we confront our immediate challenge, will dissipate. We will unify ourselves around a common cause. After we learn this lesson and internalize the need to be prepared, future threats to our well being will be confronted by a corporate will that unites us. Once we are united we will build a sustainable world that is in balance with the ecology of the planet. The Corona virus will no longer be a threat. We will be at peace once again and our lives will resume but our attitudes, towards one another and the natural world, will have changed. A greater challenge lies ahead and this incident will prepare us for that ordeal.


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