The Woman and the Cherry Tree

There once was a woman who had a beautiful cherry tree.

In its season it never failed to provide her with plump, juicy cherries.

One day, however, she became dissatisfied with what the tree gave her.

A group of lumberjacks offered her money for the reddish wood of the tree.

She agreed to their deal, and they stripped the tree of its many large branches.

She spent the money she received on a variety of exotic fruits.

When the money ran out, she became hungry.

But the tree would have to grow new branches in order to make her more cherries.

The lumberjacks offered her a greater sum of money for the trunk of the tree.

She accepted, and they reduced the tree to a lifeless stump.

She again enjoyed exotic fruits until the money ran out.

She was hungry again, but the lumberjacks were not interested in the stump.

She sat on the stump and cried “Where are my cherries?”


-Jesse Brogan