Watching the Red Birds Play

There are two Red Birds, a male and female.
Are they courting? They are certainly communicating in a meaningful way.
The boy is bright red and the girl is rusty crimson with an upturned tail.
They are zipping and zinging and contrast well with the dark green understory as they play.
They quickly fly back and forth and then they land and she shows her tail to the male as they circle round
They stand apart and strut and bob and weave and then they’re off again,
On the green of the blooming woodland ground
The plants are iridescent in many shades of viridian.
The woodland plants are at their best before the canopy closes;
The sunlight reaches into the ground and pulls the green plant life within
The birds are playful, having fun, she likes the red ones poses
It is a happy thought when people see; and allow themselves to be, like their Red Bird Kin.