The church was doing a series of programs on Monarch butterflies. It is spiritual the way their tenacity and purpose propels them through their cycles of life that take generations to complete.
We don’t usually give much thought to butterflies even though they give us joy when we see them and they are awe inspiring when they come close to us and allow us to see them up close. Butterflies have many hues and patterns and a spiritual quality about them. The way they flit and flirt and turn and dance about in the summer air is mesmerizing. Butterflies are a magnificent gift of nature.

The native people of North America have a story about how butterflies came to be. It says that after all the plants and animals and people were formed, and set on their unique individual paths through life, the Great Spirit was walking about and saw the children playing and the Spirit thought about the lives we live and how we progress from infancy to childhood to adults to seniors and to old age and then all things pass with time through the cycle of life. The Spirit was saddened by the reality of earthly experience. All is born fresh and new and beautiful and energetic and then, as time passes, all passes away.
As she was thinking of this the Spirit noticed the flowers and the leaves and the play of sunbeams on the raiment and an idea came to Her.

She gathered up the flowers and the leaves and rainbows and the bird’s songs and many other colorful and flighty things and placed them all into Her bag. She then called the children to Her:
“Come here, I have something to show you”.

The children opened the bag and out came the butterflies. Bright and colorful and energetic they flew all around the children singing the birds songs and the children laughed and the people were all delighted with the floating, flitting, flowers flying around and singing.

Then the birds protested. ‘Lord, you gave these new creatures their beautiful colors and their floating flying character and that is good and brings joy to the world but their songs are not their own. Their songs belong to us! God understood and took the songs away from the butterflies and restored them to the birds. This is why butterflies are silent. Never the less, butterflies bring beauty and movement and spiritual peace to a tumultuous world.