A Magic Spring/Winter Day

It was a magical day.

Everything was coated in white with only the pine needles hinting green.

The trees shake off the snow and it falls on us in gentle tufts.

The trees are peaceful but the birds and squirrels are restless because they need fuel to stay warm.

The blanched yards are like a smooth alabaster lake that edges up to the structures and winds around them.

Houses look like barns to house us.

An American flag, roughly furled by the wind, has a mound of cold built up on it. Is it a statement of its’ and our condition?

The snow continues to fall.

Everything is so uniquely pretty. It is seldom we see such a sight.

The snow stacks neatly on flat surfaces and coats everything it touches.

The tall dry grasses, left to display their golden feathers through the winter, are colorful against the white sail like covering of the lawn and plant beds.

The snow is in charge right now. It continues to fall.

We make tracks with our boots. We try to make a path of just one set of footprints for the two of us. It is fun and makes us laugh.

The street is empty of cars but shows us a cleared path through the neighborhood.

The spidery canopy of snow-laden trees is inviting.

“Let’s take a walk”!

The trees behind the house look different from a different angle as they reach into the bright grayish sky.

Spreading their limbs the trees say, “Look at me! I’m gorgeous!.”

Some trees are laden with spring buds that stand out red against the frosty, milky flour covered fingers on the spindly ends of the branches.

The street looks natural, like a woodland, because the houses and lawns have receded to the background.

The trees are in charge as the snow continues to fall.

A stand of saplings stands like posts that have declared their unified resolve to exist.

The snow on a park bench makes a snowman / child.

I, sardonically, see him as a wounded warrior there only being enough snow for a body, two thighs, one arm and a head.

My partner sees a whole child with one arm slipped through the slat of the bench.

We walked along through this scrunchy, snowy place for quite awhile more until we felt damp and tired.

Our journey into another world was right outside our door.

We are blessed!