Business Model Workshop Outline


Wm. Mitchell,
M.S. Community Development / Master Watershed Steward / UM – TWYBY Certified /
Corporate Executive  (20 yr. career Waste Management and Recycling
Services) / Entrepreneur (Cleaning / Recycling Services ) /
Founder – The Minimalist Garden.



Not about me or you. It is about we / us

The problem:
Cognitive Dissonance / Inertia / Apathy

M.G. / Social Engineering
M.G. / Business Model
Rain Barrel Installation Service – 4000 units @ $175/unit
Rain Barrel Service Contracts – 2500 @ $15/mth

*Elon Musk and the 60 ton Space Rocket
Team of brilliant, idealistic, talented, creative and detailed people
Design and build a freight rocket that will lift 60 tons of material into space.
Design rocket for a controlled return.
How many tasks in what sequence?
Mission accomplished!!!

Business Model Planning Groups

Business Plan Goals:
• 4000 rain barrels installed
• 2500 rain barrel service contracts.

Marketing / Sales:
Personnel /Program / Strategy
How do we overcome CD / I / A?

Operations / Logistics:
Personnel / Tools / Procedures
Routing / Scheduling

Administration / Management:
Personnel / Facilities / Supplies
Services / Procedures

Planning / Development:
Personnel / Goals, Objectives, Principals, Standards
Goods & Services

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